The SNU MBA is the only Korean member of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), a network established by Yale University in collaboration with top business schools across the world.

With GNAM, which is breaking new ground in global cooperation between universities, our students are interacting with MBA students around the world through GNAM weeks and network courses, which are simultaneously open to GNAM member schools.

MBA students of SNU can also study at the Yale School of Management through a dual degree program and earn two Master degrees from SNU and Yale. Discover more facts and values of GNAM at

SNU GSB has extended partnerships with top-tier business schools in order to offer student abundant global experience through dual-degree or student exchange programs.

The SNU MBA is the only business school in Korea to be selected as part of the Ministry of Education’s CAMPUS Asia (Collective Action for Mobility Program of University Students in Asia) Consortium, a collaborative program led by the Korean, Chinese and Japanese government.

Based on the CAMPUS Asia program, the SNU MBA is currently running various collaborative programs with China’s Peking University and Japan’s Hitotsubashi University, through which students can concentrate on studying the unique East Asian development model and research on strategies for sustainable economic development and changes in the corporate governance structure.

The SNU MBA students also take part in the summer training program, “Doing Business in Asia,” where they visit the leading companies in Korea, China, and Japan and conduct collaborative projects.

The SNU MBA students can also earn dual degrees or apply for the student exchange program to study at the two universities with government scholarship.