Executive MBA Introduction

The objective of Executive MBA(EMBA) is educating currently-employed business professionals to develop into more knowledgeable and competent executives.

As an official two-year (4 terms) master's degree, the student must acquire a minimum of 49credits in order to graduate.

Lecutres are conducted on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, which gives students the advantage of simultanesously managing work and study.

EMBA is able to accept 80 applicants for general business track and 40 applicants for technical business track each year, and anyone with a career of seven years or more can apply.

However, because EMBA is permitted to progress under certain contractual conditions, the applicant must either be employed by a member company of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or a goverment official of Gyeong-gi province with recommendations from its governor, both contract partners with SNU EMBA.

Moreover, the applicant must be sponsored by its association in terms of tuition payment.